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Why do we go to school?

On Wednesday March 6th, 2013 the UTSA invites you to join us at the “Why do we go to school?” event, in collaboration with the Multi-Faith Centre.

The event is taking place at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education -OSIE (252 Bloor Street West) in room 5170 from 4:10 -6:00pm

Students will have a chance to engage on the question at small tables groups with students from a variety of backgrounds. Please register at

We hope to see you there!

Join the conversation.

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February Events

On Saturday February 9th, come out and join the UTSA and the Multi-faith Centre for the Darwin Day Symposium: The Clergy Project and the Post-Theological World event. Admission is free to students and the general public.
More information is available on the facebook event page at and will also be posted under our “Upcoming Events” tab.

Also going on in February (and the first week of March) are the “Why? Exploring Life’s Key Questions” events, looking at questions such as What is the meaning of life? Why is murder wrong? To whom are we responsible? Does science have limits? Why do bad things happen to good people? Information is available on the facebook event page as well as posted in our Upcoming Events page



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Register Yourself

Register Yourself

If you think of yourself as an atheist, agnostic, freethinker, humanist, rationalist, secularist, or any other name for not being religious… you might want to register yourself on the Atheist Census. Let those in smaller communities know that they are not alone in the world.
(Post title is a link to

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… is it true?

The UTSA, in conjunction with Power 2 Change, Muslim Students Association and the Multifaith Centre is hosting a lecture and discussion series entitled “…is it true?”

This series will feature the following speakers:

Oct. 24: Islam (Amjad Tarsin, Muslim Chaplain, U of T)
Oct. 31: Christianity (Kyle Hackmann, Grace Toronto Church)
Nov. 7: Judaism (Yishaya Rose, Chaplain, Chabad House, U of T)
Nov. 14: Atheism (Professor Larry Moran, U of T, Secular Alliance)

Each speaker will speak on behalf of the philosophical framework to which they subscribe to. Following the lecture, there will be a period of Q and A following by an open discussion amongst attendees.

I encourage you to attend these talks as I suspect a lot of fruitful conversations can emerge. To this end, specifically, we are delighted to have biochemist Dr. Larry Moran, represent our side of the conversation.

Light dinner will be served.

Please find event page below:

Hope to see some of you there!

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Discussion of Human Rights

Below is some information about a discussion taking place on campus this October regarding human rights in Ontario. Anyone who is interested should check it out!


The event we are holding is a dialogue and conference on human rights in Ontario, and we are organizing this conference in conjunction with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. This is part of the program to acknowledge the 50th anniversary of Ontario’s Human Rights Code. We will be bringing together leading figures in the field of human rights, and up-and-coming academics and activists to reflect on the successes and challenges of our early work to protect human rights in the province, as well as looking towards the future, to discuss what may come next from policy and community perspectives.

We are holding the dialogue at Hart House, on the U of T campus, on October 18, 2012, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Registration is free, and includes a complimentary lunch. Interested parties must register at, by October 11.

We would like to share this information (I have attached an PDF copy of our invitation) with your club.

If you need any more information, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a wonderful day,

Dawson Bridger

Dawson Bridger

Community Programs Officer

Ontario Heritage Trust

10 Adelaide Street East

Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M5C 1J3

Telephone: 416-314-0448

Fax: 416-325-5071

E-mail: |

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Meet N Greet Symposium

Meet N Greet Symposium

For those of you who were not able to attend our first meeting of the year, here are some photos from the evening.

[ ]

Stay tuned for future meetings and events!
Our next general meeting will be taking place in the Bickersmith Room, 3rd floor, Hart House, U of T on Thursday October 11th at 8pm. This week, we will re-visit a conversation that took place at Yale Law School earlier in the year between Robert C. Post, Dean and Sol  & Lillian Goldman Professor of Law, Yale Law School, and our very own Joseph Carens, Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto. For your consideration:

The display in a Danish newspaper of cartoon depictions of Mohammed led to rioting around the world. That event shines a light on an enduring and difficult question: In a multi-religious world, what is the appropriate relationship between multicultural ideals and free speech? How should the law mediate between the demands of religious sanctity and freedom of speech? Should lawyers and legislators take ethical as well as legal considerations into account? To what extent is free speech—even offensive or potentially dangerous speech—vital to the functioning of true democracy? And if some deem speech to offend religious sensibilities, whom ought a democracy to take to represent that religion?
Event details can be found at:

Join the Conversation


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Words and Welcome

In response to a link posted on our facebook page, I would like to remind everyone that: all atheists are secular, but not all secularists are atheist.

The UTSA is a group for people who believe that religious or non religious beliefs should be kept out of government decisions; not an exclusively atheist club. We want a better society where people are respectful, scholarly, and cooperative.

That being said: all of us on the UTSA exec are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at our meet & greet Symposium being held in Hart House in the music room on Monday September 24th 7-9 pm.

Faithful or faithless, come join the conversation. ~H


(any questions? ask away!

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Musical Fun

Tonight’s meeting was fun, as always, but there were comments on how inactive the website is…..

So I leave you with some Bo Burnham, just for fun.


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CFI’s 2012 Student Leadership Conference

[A message from CFI - please send any questions you have to me ( and I will forward them]

Our 2012 Student Leadership Conference is June 21-24 in Amherst, NY! We are now accepting registration applications as well as travel grant applications. There is no obligation to come if you fill out a grant application. All of the conference information can be found here:

The first three student leaders from each group pay just $99 for the conference, which includes all meals, housing, shuttles, and a conference t-shirt. Very few conferences allow you to pay one flat fee with the accommodations included! As far as travel is concerned, a popular option in the past has been carpooling with other groups, so let us know if you’d be interested and we’ll do our best to arrange something. If you’re concerned about the cost of getting here, travel grants help cover a lot, so be sure to apply for one.

The Student Leadership Conference is a great way to exchange ideas and pass on skills and advice to other student groups, as well as get to know other people in the freethinking community. I know I still talk to people I met at my first Student Leadership Conference, so I hope you can send someone from your group!

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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new site everyone!

Stay tuned for updates regarding our upcoming events in Feb and March.

- Mehdi



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