The 2012-2013 UTSA Executive Committee members are as follows:

Mehdi Zabet, President
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Gianni Marcello, Vice-President
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Olivia Forsyth-Sells, Vice President, Finance 
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Maxwell Adams, Secretary
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Heather Wood, Promotions & Publicity Director
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Cameron Proctor, Outreach Coordinator
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UTSA Advisory Board

We are actively soliciting the involvement of U of T faculty and staff in the UTSA. Faculty/staff involvement can mean as little as simply endorsing and being a friend to the organization, and can mean as much as the individual chooses–from attending to being the feature speaker at an event or discussion group, for instance. Degree and nature of participation is entirely self-determined. That said, membership in our advisory board is invite only.

Current board members:

Dr. David Barner, Professor of Psychology
Research interests: Language and conceptual development; the inferface of language structure and meaning; the evolution of language.

Dr. John Furedy, Professor of Psychology

Dr. Daniel Goldstick, Professor of Philosophy
Research interests: Marxism, materialism, universal change.

Dr. Joan Grusec, Professor of Pyschology
Research interests: Approaches to parenting and the impact of these approaches on children.

Dr. Eric Hehner, Professor of Computer Science
Research interests: Formal programming methods, and the mathematics of program construction in the areas of programming methodology and software engineering.

Dr. Charles Helwig, Professor of Psychology
Research Interests: Moral and social cognitive development.

Dr. Mark Kingwell, Professor of Philosophy
Research Interests: Social and political theory; philosophy of art, architecture and design; 20th-century continental philosophy.

Dr. Larry Moran, Professor of Biochemistry
Research Interests: Molecular evolution and evolutionary theory.

Dr. Jim Phillips, Professor of Law
Research interests: Dr. Phillips’ research is principally in legal history, and he has coedited four volumes in the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History series of /Essays in the History of Canadian Law/. His monograph /Murdering Holiness: The Trials of Franz Creffield and George Mitchell/ was published in 2003. He was Director of the Centre of Criminology at the University of Toronto 2003-2005. He is also active in debates on the future of public and accessible legal education at the University of Toronto, and has published on that subject.

Dr. Francois Pitt, Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Jeff Rosenthal, Professor of Statistics
Research interests: Professor Rosenthal’s research concerns probability theory and stochastic processes. Much of it has involved obtaining rigorous quantitative bounds for rates of convergence for various Markov chains, especially Markov chain Monte Carlo computer algorithms such as the Gibbs Sampler. It has included general methods, detailed analysis of specific models, theoretical results, new coupling constructions, and convergence bounds using auxiliary simulation. Related work has focused on convergence of random walks on compact groups and the “cut-off phenomenon”, on convergence of certain particle systems, on link structures of the World Wide Web, on applications to Economics and Finance, and on computational data-analysis and data mining methods. Rosenthal is also the author of the book “Struck By Lightening: The curious world of probabilities” (

Dr. Douglas Tweed, Professor of Physiology and Medicine
Research interests: Dr. Tweed’s lab uses computer simulations and behavioral experiments to study the algorithms of sensorimotor learning — how the brain uses sense data to learn to control action, particularly simple motions of the eyes, head and limbs.

Dr. Alasdair Urquhart, Professor of Philosophy
Research interests: logic, computational complexity theory, history of logic, non-classical logics.

Dr. Pascal van Lieshout, Professor of Speech-Language Pathology
Research Interests: Oral motor control, primarily in speech production.

Dr. John Vervaeke, Associate Director of Undergraduate Cognitive Science
Research Interests: The Psychology and Philosophy of wisdom; relevance realization as a foundational core of Cognitive Science;various other domains in Cognitive Science (e.g., language acquisition, metaphor and cognition).

Dr. Fred Wilson, Professor of Philosophy
Research interests: ontology; philosophy of science (including philosophy of psychology and the social sciences), science vs. pseudoscience; philosophy of mind; history of early modern philosophy, David Hume, John Stuart Mills, British idealism; philosophy and literature; philosophical problems of death and dying; problems of post-secondary education.


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