Posted by: uoftsecular | May 24, 2012

CFI’s 2012 Student Leadership Conference

[A message from CFI – please send any questions you have to me ( and I will forward them]

Our 2012 Student Leadership Conference is June 21-24 in Amherst, NY! We are now accepting registration applications as well as travel grant applications. There is no obligation to come if you fill out a grant application. All of the conference information can be found here:

The first three student leaders from each group pay just $99 for the conference, which includes all meals, housing, shuttles, and a conference t-shirt. Very few conferences allow you to pay one flat fee with the accommodations included! As far as travel is concerned, a popular option in the past has been carpooling with other groups, so let us know if you’d be interested and we’ll do our best to arrange something. If you’re concerned about the cost of getting here, travel grants help cover a lot, so be sure to apply for one.

The Student Leadership Conference is a great way to exchange ideas and pass on skills and advice to other student groups, as well as get to know other people in the freethinking community. I know I still talk to people I met at my first Student Leadership Conference, so I hope you can send someone from your group!


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